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Region 1 / Festival 50

Western Connecticut State University
January 30th - February 4th, 2018

KCACTF National and Regional Stage Manager Fellowships

Purpose of the Fellowship

The purpose of the KCACTF Stage Management Award is to provide student stage managers with feedback from professionals working in the field; to give outstanding student stage managers national recognition; and to provide the opportunity for the student stage management award recipient to attend the national festival at the Kennedy Center.

General Information on the KCACTF Stage Management Award

Student stage managers may be nominated to attend their regional festival as regional stage management nominees regardless of whether the production from which they were nominated is itself selected for the regional festival. Regional stage management nominees must attend the Region I festival, bring their materials to and from the regional festival, display their materials, stage manage an assigned event and be interviewed by a professional stage manager in order to be eligible for nomination to the National Stage Management Award.

The guest professional, or professionals, will respond to the work of all regional stage management nominees who are present at the regional festival. One regional stage management recipient (national stage management finalist) will be selected. The selection process may include other guest respondents as determined by the regional design & technology chair.

Nominating a Stage Manager for the Region 1 Festival

  1. All materials for nomination must be postmarked or emailed by December 15th. Late material will be accepted at the discretion of the regional SM coordinator.
  2. Students who have stage managed an associate, participating KCACTF entry or a realized production at their institution which had at least one KCACTF response in 2014 are eligible for the KCACTF Stage Management Award. Student stage managers must be nominated by the director or appropriate faculty mentor.
  3. Stage Manager Nominees must send their two letters of recommendation and their resume to James Petty, Co-Chair of DTM.

If selected to participate at Region I KCACTF

  1. After nomination, and appropriate notification from the regional design, technology and managment chair, the student stage manager will prepare their materials for the regional festival and register to attend. Registration forms for Region I can be found here.
  2. Stage managers will be assigned to a practical event at the festival such as an Irene Ryan round, one of the 6 x 10 plays or one of the 1 x 2 plays or any combination thereof. Students will be reviewed on their handling of the event.
  3. Stage managers will also be interviewed by a professional equity stage manager. They should bring their materials that are in the design and technical expo to the interview.
  4. Set up times for the Design and Technology expo will be posted in the festival program which can be found on the website here.
  5. Stage Managers should bring ONLY their stage manager books. They will be assigned a location to display their books. The cover of the books must display the title of the Play, the author, and the name of the stage manager. Stage managers may include at the beginning of their book the following additional material:
    • A one page statement of the stage manager's production management approach.
    • One representative production photograph, in color, labeled as to scene/locale. It should illustrate the entire setting and its relationship to the stage and theatre space.
    • An example of a rehearsal/production report.

    Stage Managers MUST ensure that the name of the stage manager's college or university should not be visible on ANY of their materials.

    *Be careful to maintain the privacy of individuals – do not include any paperwork that might indicate private information of cast, crew, or production staff. Examples: any lists with social security numbers; medical information forms; or address and phone numbers.

    The stage manager finalist will be announced at the awards ceremony for the Region I festival. See festival program for dates and times of ceremony.

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, part of the Rubenstein Arts Access Program, is generously funded by David and Alice Rubenstein.

Special thanks to The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust for supporting the John F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts’ Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

Additional support is provided by The Honorable Stuart Bernstein and Wilma E. Bernstein; the Dr. Gerald and Paula McNichols Foundation; Beatrice and Anthony Welters and the AnBryce Foundation. Kennedy Center education and related artistic programming is made possible through the generosity of the National Committee for the Performing Arts and the President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts.